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Break Thru Designs wrote the book on 3-D promotional decal design. Whether 3-D, simulated 3-D or forced-perspective 3-D we seemingly bend the laws of physics to make our products generate sales and positive PR through cost-effective creativity.

  • Guerilla Marketing
    Guerrilla campaign for a credit cardGuerrilla marketing are all about making the most of your advertising dollar. Put Break Thru Decals on cars during the game or on doors where people pass by. Creativity and surprise work together to stretch your advertising dollar.  
  • Viral Marketing
    Starbucks cup bonded to the roof of a carThrough sheer raw creativity, viral marketing recruits the public themselves to distribute and display your marketing message. Our roof mounted beverage cans or cups (joined to a static cling decal) make it seem the owner drove off and left the can sitting on his roof. Guaranteed to get attention!
  • Affinity Marketing
    Shatter tennis window cling for a sporting associationAffinity Marketing is marketing to groups. Group members share a common affinity for the subject of their group and want to expand their group membership as well. Here are all the activities people love including faith-based, fraternities, sororities, even hunting and fishing.
  • Cause Marketing
    Break Thru design for a church Go Green, Global Warming and many more have an inexpensive way to spread their grass roots influence and raise funds. We do all manner of crosses, shields and more in 3-D or two dimensions and all on static cling.
  • Food Marketing
    Break Thru design for a beverage canBeverages of all kinds, vending machine items, dairy products, snacks and frozen foods (boxes) can all be showcased using Break Thru decals. Designs are either in two-dimensions, or in 3-D using packaging or artificial food. Boxes, aluminum cans, some plastic bottles all work well.
  • Free Offers
    Break Thru design for free offer golfball Add a Sticky Tab note to a Break Thru decal and you have an award-winning combination. "Life comes at you fast. Come in for a free quote!" or "Sorry about your window. Bring in this coupon for a free drink on us."
  • Fundraising
    Break Thru design for hockey puckPeople want to support worthy activities -- especially when they receive something of value in return for a donation. Our products are even reusable. In addition to sports, we can also do cheer.
  • New Product Launch
    Break Thru design for movie launchWe can help make the most of new product launches such as new beverages and film marketing, coming attractions. "Pirates of the Deep" movie with embedded cannonball. A war movie with embedded artillery shell. A sports movie or comedy with the appropriate ball.
  • Seasonal Designs
    Break Thru snowballThe holidays bring an opportunity to sell Break Thru products as interior decorating. Halloween will see spooky ghosts, witches and bats breaking through home windows. Christmas has snowflakes, Santa, and snowmen decorating doors, mirrors and windows. And don't forget snowballs!
  • Tourism Marketing
    Break Thru design for a theme parkBreak Thru has designed themes for cartoon characters and persona such as the Loony Tunes characters of 6-Flags, Disney and Universal; killer whales, dolphins and sea life splashing in water parks; critters from the zoo; "meteorites" from meteor sites, science museums and more.
  • Truck Window Decals for Hunting and Fishing
    Truck window decals for huntingFour beautifully-designed truck window decals round out the product line for hunting. They feature the Legal Addiction brand Ghost Muley, Ghost Whitetail, Elk and Fly Fishing graphics with the "Legal Addiction" slogan below.
  • Sports Marketing
    Shatter football window cling with custom imprintGenerate support with a team logo on the ball or around the cling. Baseball, softball, golf, soccer, hockey, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, bowling, rugby, cricket, badminton, lacrosse, rodeo, cheer, hunting, fishing and more.
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