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Minimum Order Qty

Simulated 3-D Decals 

Our 2-D static clings like our truck window decals for hunting and fishing have Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) of 250 pc.

3-D Decals 

Custom 3-D shatter window clings using baseballs, golf balls, softballs, hockey pucks, lacrosse, foam balls (for Powerball) and the snowball have an MOQ of 250 pc.

Simple custom-molded items such as our rock, meteorite, cannonball, and horseshoe have a MOQ of 500 pc.

More complex injection molded items such as scaled-down soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, as well as mascots have an MOQ of 10,000 pc. (Injection molds are expensive).

Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, boxes, etc., have a MOQ that varies between 500 pc depending on the construction technique we must use.

Our production facilities can handle orders of a million or more.

Price Breaks

Average pricing at quantities below 5,000 pc ranges between $6 to $8 each. Contact us for a free quote on your project today.

Price breaks occur at the following points:

  • 500 pc
  • 1,000 pc
  • 2,500 pc
  • 5,000 pc
  • 10,000 pc
  • 25,000 pc
  • 50,000 pc
  • 100,000 pc
  • 250,000 pc
  • 500,000 pc
  • 1,000,000 pc
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