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Our guerilla marketing window clings make a real impact

Guerilla Marketing

Break Thru Designs has one of the best product lines for guerilla marketing advertising campaigns in the world of promotional products. Just put them in funny and unexpected places where lots of people pass by. You'll get noticed. Big convention coming to town? Put Break Thru decals all over the airport where people will pass through. Put them on taxi windows and revolving doors. Put them on car windows in parking lots. Your message will hit home. Static cling decals adhere without glue and leave no messy residue. They're even reusable which makes them great as premiums. A thousand variations await the imagination. Put Break Thru decals on office windows to generate enthusiasm. Decorate cubicles to rally the troops. Contact us today and imbue your project with creativity! 

Guerilla Marketing Examples

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Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Guerilla marketing is defined as an unconventional or outside-the-envelope approach to marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. The unconventional approach is long proven. In the 1920s, the Chicago-based Curtis Candy Company kicked off the product launch of the Baby Ruth by attaching mini-parachutes to their candy bars and dropping them from airplanes in cities like Pittsburg and Dallas. The creativity of that campaign virtually assured them a shelf in candy isles as well as a place in candy bar history. The common denominator of all guerilla marketing campaigns is creativity. When you make people smile, you win them over.

More Guerilla Markerting Ideas!

Our newest line of promotional products puts your marketing message in another unexpected location -- right under people feet! These forced-perspective decals called Concrete Graphics are a new advertising medium putting your message right under the nose of consumers. They are effective, affordable and highly visible because people always look where they walk. But with these decals we can also do something more: correct for the effects of perspective through our proprietary imaging process, making an image that appears distinctly holographic as if it is standing in the middle of the floor. Many other incredible effects are possible!



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