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Break Thru Designs cartop static cling decals are so creative people disseminate the message themselves without realizing they're part of the advertising campaign. Our cartop designs put a beverage (can, bottle or cup joined to a static cling decal) on the roof of a car or taxi making it seem the owner drove off with the product sitting on his roof. The same caper can be applied to many other products—virtually anything that could be left on the roof of a car such as a cheerleading megaphone, pizza box, and more.

Viral Marketing


Viral marketing includes any technique that uses the public themselves to replicate, carry around or distribute the advertising materials. In viral marketing the public themselves display and present the advertising materials to others often without realizing the item's value as an advertisement. Our "cup on the roof" viral marketing design is a prime example of this. But there are more. 

Shatter balls window clings with corporate logos are distributed on cars at a sporting eventViral marketing has been with us long before anyone coined the name. One of the earliest-conceived viral marketing campaigns was made possible by the lowly bumper sticker. In August of 1961, wealthy real estate developer Angus G. Wynne, Jr opened the nation's second-ever theme park (Disneyland was the first) in Arlington, Texas. Thousands of families poured through the gates of Six Flags and while they were enjoying LaSalle's Riverboat ride, the Spee-Lunker's Cave and many more, park crews put a yellow and black "Six Flags Over Texas" bumper sticker on every single car in the parking lot. Children wouldn't think of letting their parents remove the stickers and almost overnight the roads were flooded by cars with Six Flag's trademark yellow and black stickers.

Viral marketing idea for a radio stationToday, Break Thru Designs has carried the idea to a new (third) dimension. Our designs combine a flat decal with a 3D object to create stunning visual magic. Many opportunities exist to repeat the successful actions that made Six Flags one of the most popular theme parks in history.

Long before YouTube the predecessors of viral marketing were alive and well. Video is, after all, only one of many possible viral mediums. Our 3D bumper stickers are one of the newest innovations in a long line of viral marketing campaigns. Radio stations, stone quaries, mining firms and cities like Rockport, Rockville, Rock Island, Round Rock and locations throughout the Rocky Mountains are ripe to take advantage of our rock-themed custom decals.

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