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Advertising Maxim: Never Blend In

"Buy my product." "Support our team." "Use our service." You may not be saying anything new but you must always say it in a new way. Why? Because people notice the unexpected.

If a car passes you on the freeway with a Pepsi sitting on its roof, you would notice. Should you find a golf ball embedded in your windshield, you'd really notice. When a glass door has a new brand of beverage protruding from it, you notice.

These Nascar designs were made using real 3D cars, each cut in half at precise angle, then bonded to a printed decal showing the back end of the car and checkered flags. Pretty unique idea. We are the only one's who've ever done it.


At Break Thru Designs, our specialty is the best guerilla marketing examples and viral marketing products to promote your brand in effective ways. Our promotional products are also idea for fundraising and brand identity marketing. From our headquarters in Dallas, Texas we provide our unique brand of creativity to clients nationwide. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to break thru.


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