Nuture Your Inner Guerrilla!
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  • P.O.P. displays that pop!

    We cut plastic bottles and aluminum cans in half and bond them to static cling decals for in-store promotions that really grab attention. Read More +
  • A smash hit

    Our 3D shatter ball window decal uses a real baseball cut in half bonded to a clear static cling decal. Imprint your message or logo on the ball or decal or both! Read More +
  • Cartop decal

    We bond a can, bottle, beverage or coffee cup to a clear static cling decal that goes on the roof or hood of a car, so it looks like someone forgot and drove away. Driving down the road, it is something EVERYONE will notice and share via camera phone to facebook and Twitter. Viral marketing at its best. Read More +
  • Sports promotions

    Our golf decals use real golf balls cut in half and bonded to clear static cling window decal with your logo printed on the ball or on the decal or both. Read More +
  • Rock and roll

    Maximize your impact with a hard-hitting affordable campaign. Our products really lend themselves to guerrilla marketing campaigns. Read More +
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Not often do you see something new in the field of promotional products. Our unique brand of guerilla marketing ideas and viral marketing products combine actual 3-D objects with a printed window clings to give you maximal impact on a fraction of your advertising dollar. Let us showcase your product in affordable ways guaranteed to get attention. Better yet, formats include real three-dimensional decals and simulated three-dimensional decals where the illusion is photo-real. There's just no better way to spend your advertising dollars whether your goal is fundraising or brand identity marketing. Every design is custom. New. Different. Not just the same old thing. No, not at all.

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New 3D Designs

Cool 3D Creative

3-D window cling combines a printed decal with a 3-D carBonds an actual 3D object (cut in half) to a decal for outrageous effects that force a second look.

Guerrilla Marketing

Shatter golf window cling with a sticky note couponAdd coupons or messages for the ultimate in guerrilla marketing, "Sorry about your window. Bring in this note for a free drink."

3D Effects Jump Out at People

3-D NASCAR bursts from a printed window cling decalThis exciting concept adapts to fit many purposes, products and layouts.

Visible on Light and Dark Backgrounds

Our 2-color window clings the the world's very realisticCracked-glass decal was designed using two colors for excellent realism and high visibility on light or dark surfaces.
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